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Table 1 Experimental treatments in septic arthritis

From: Septic arthritis: immunopathogenesis, experimental models and therapy

Treatment Control of arthritis development (*) Reference
Inhibition of transcription factors NF-kB and mCoAP-1 alone or with antibiotics No [71]
Cloxacillin + phenyl-N-tert-butyl nitrone (antioxidant) Yes [72]
Cloxacillin + TNF inhibitor Yes [60]
Ampicillin + riboflavin (antioxidant) Yes [73]
Gentamicin + ascorbic acid Yes [74]
Estradiol Yes [75]
Azithromycin + riboflavin Yes [76]
Glutaminyl cyclase inhibitors Yes [77]
  1. (*) Control of arthritis development was assessed by the following parameters: delayed disease development, less severe clinical manifestations or reduced swelling or synovitis.