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Table 1 Bacteria isolated from water samples collected at two spots in Patos Lagoon: P1, in the Patos Lagoon estuary (near the Oceanographic Museum) and P2, on São Lourenço Beach (Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil)

From: Biodegradation of [D-Leu1] microcystin-LR by a bacterium isolated from sediment of Patos Lagoon estuary, Brazil

Bacterial strain Spot Color Source
BM12 P1 Yellow Water
EE1 P1 White Water
EBDE1Br P2 White Water
LPML P1 Orange Water
NOT13 P1 Yellow Water
CEV P1 Red Water
BB0412 P2 Yellow Water
FB0607 P1 Red Water
DMXS P1 Light brown Sediment