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Table 2 Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of the microcystin variant [D-Leu 1 ] MC-LR from extracts of M. aeruginosa RST 9501 and MC-LR (commercially available) against M. tuberculosis strains

From: Antimycobacterial and cytotoxicity activity of microcystins

Microcystin variant M. tuberculosis
   H 37 Rv (μM)   RMPr (μM)   INHr (μM)
[D-Leu1] MC-LR S 13.2 S 13.2 S 26.5
MC-LR R >53 R >53 R >53
  1. [D-Leu1] MC-LR: microcystin isolated from the extract of Microcystis RST 9501; MC-LR: commercially obtained; R: resistant; S: sensitive; H37Rv: sensitive strain; INHr: isoniazid-resistant strain; RMPr: rifampicin-resistant strain. Extracts with MIC > 53 μM were considered inactive.