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Table 1 Examples of compounds from Tityus scorpion venoms

From: Arachnids of medical importance in Brazil: main active compounds present in scorpion and spider venoms and tick saliva

Compounds Examples Species Molecular Mass (kDa) Action Mechanism References
Neurotoxins Ts3, Ts5 Tityus serrulatus ~6.0–7.0 Action on Na+ channels 29–32
TbTx5, Tb3 Tityus bahiensis
Tst3 Tityus stigmurus
Ts1 Tityus serrulatus 6890.9 33–34
Ts6, Ts7 Tityus serrulatus ~6.0–7.0 Action on K+ channels 35–40
Tst26 Tityus stigmurus
Tt28 Tityus trivittatus
TdK1 Tityus discrepans
Hypotensive agent Hypotensin Tityus serrulatus 2.75 Agonist of the B(2) receptor 41
Antimicrobial peptides TsAP1, TsAP2 Tityus serrulatus ~8.4 Unclear 42
Proteinases Metalloproteinase Tityus serrulatus ~25.0 Lysis of the cell basement membrane 43–46
Serine proteinasesa Tityus serrulatus Tityus bahiensis Action on coagulation factors 47
Enzymes Phospholipaseb Tityus serrulatus Tityus stigmurus Hydrolysis of membrane phospholipids 48–49
Hyaluronidase Tityus sp. ~50.0 Catalyzes the hydrolysis of hyaluronan from the extracellular matrix 50
  1. aIdentified in the venom, but not purified
  2. bCompound found only in the transcriptome