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Table 3 Examples of compounds from tick saliva

From: Arachnids of medical importance in Brazil: main active compounds present in scorpion and spider venoms and tick saliva

Compounds Examples Species Molecular Mass (kDa)a Mechanism of Action References
Enzyme Inhibitors Amblyomin-Xb Amblyomma cajennense 15.0 Factor Xa Inhibition/induction of apoptosis in tumor cells 134–136
Savignin Ornithodoros savignyi 14.1 Thrombin inhibitor 137–138
Ixolaris Ixodes scapularis 18.4 Tissue factor pathway inhibitor 139–140
Variegin Amblyomma variegatum 3.6 Thrombin inhibitor 145
Neurotoxin HT-1 (Holocyclotoxins) Ixodes holocyclus 7.8 Unclear 114, 146–148
Enzyme Phospholipase A2 Amblyomma americanum 55.7 ± 1.3 Hydrolysis of membrane phospholipids 158–159
Proteins Hebraein Amblyomma hebraeum 11.0 Unclear 163
Ixosin Ixodes sinensis 8.8 Unclear 165
ISAMP Ixodes scapularis 5.3 Unclear 167
  1. aData obtained from references and
  2. bCompound found only in the transcriptome