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Table 1 Characteristics of conopressins. Their amino acid sequences, respective species, target, clinical potential and references are indicated

From: In the picture: disulfide-poor conopeptides, a class of pharmacologically interesting compounds

Peptide Amino acid sequence Species Target Clinical potential Source
Lys-conopressin-G CFIRNCPKGa C. geographus vasopressin R cardiovascular/mood [8, 9]
Arg-conopressin-S CIIRNCPRGa C. striatus V1bR, OTR > V1aR   [8]
γ-Conopressin-vil CLIQDCPγGa C. villepinii ?   [13]
Conopressin-T CYIQNCLRVa C. tulipa V1aR, OTR   [17]
Conopressin-Tx CFIRNCOP C. textile ?   [68]
  1. aN-terminal amidation; γ: gamma-carboxyglutamate; O: hydoxyproline; OTR: oxytocin-receptor; V1aR: vascular vasopressin receptor, V1bR: pituitary vasopressin receptor