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Table 1 Toxins purified from SpV to date

From: A review on the Scorpaena plumieri fish venom and its bioactive compounds

Molecule Function Toxin Name Chemical Aspects Functional Characteristics Source
Protease Sp-GP ≈72 kDa
N-terminally blocked
Gelatinolytic activity [20]
Cytolysin Sp-CTx Glycoprotein
Dimeric constitution
(subunits ≈ 65 kDa)
Hemolytic activity — cell membrane pore formation
Cardiovascular biphasic response in vivo — initial systolic and diastolic pressure increase followed by decrease
Positive inotropic effect on cardiac muscle
Increase of Ca2+ current on isolated cardiomyocytes
Vasoconstriction — coronary bed
Vasodilation — aortic ring
B-type lectin Plumeribetin Homotetramer
(monomer — 13.157 kDa)
N-terminally blocked
High content of anti-parallel strands
Integrin inhibitory activity
Attenuation of cell-collagen contacts and cell spreading
C-Type lectin Sp-LC 1
16.981 kDa
16.982 kDa
16.975 kDa
16.841 kDa
16.842 kDa
Hemagglutinating activity
Recognizes the sugar motif
(Gal-β(1 → 4)GlcNAc)