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Table 1 Primary structures of three ocellatins determined by Edman degradation

From: Ocellatin peptides from the skin secretion of the South American frog Leptodactylus labyrinthicus (Leptodactylidae): characterization, antimicrobial activities and membrane interactions

Name Sequence Number of residues Mth a Mob a
ocellatin-LB1 GVVDI LKGAA KDIAG HLASK VM-NH2 22 2191.24 2191.18
ocellatin-LB2 GVVDI LKGAA KDIAG HLASK VMN-NH2 23 2305.08 2304.95
ocellatin-F1 GVVDI LKGAA KDIAG HLASK VMNKL-NH2 25 2546.46 2546.52
  1. a M th and M ob correspond to the theoretical monoisotopic mass and observed monoisotopic mass of the amidated peptides, respectively