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Table 1 Distribution of serum samples from patients groups with and without loxoscelism

From: Heterophilic antibodies in sera from individuals without loxoscelism cross-react with phospholipase D from the venom of Loxosceles and Sicarius spiders

Age group Without loxoscelisma (n = 30) With loxoscelisma
Cutaneousb (n = 6) Systemicb (n = 4)
Male Female Male Female Male Female
18–29 11/36.7% 16/53.3% 1/16.7% 2/33.3% 2/50% 1/25%
30–60 3/10% 2/33.3% 1/16.7% 1/25%
  1. aSamples of serum obtained under informed consent (procedure approved by the Research Ethics Committee of the Universidad de Antofagasta – CEIC-UA)
  2. bAccording to clinical history and/or direct observation of dermonecrotic lesion. Samples are represented as number and percentage (n/%)