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Fig. 6

From: Kinetic investigations and stability studies of two Bothrops L-amino acid oxidases

Fig. 6

Evaluation of the glycan portions of BjussuLAAO-II (a) and BmooLAAO-I (b) by capillary electrophoresis. LAAOs were deglycosylated with PNGase F, and then glycans went through fluorescent labeling followed by separation by microchip capillary electrophoresis. The generated electropherogram was analyzed together with a pattern composed of a mixture of glucose oligomers, which allows the results to be presented as CGU (Caliper Glucose Units) by fluorescence intensity. Glycosylation profiles of LAAOs and pattern are shown in blue and red, respectively. Arrowheads indicate glycan peaks for the lower marker (6.60 CGU) and enzymes (7.78 and 8.13 CGU for BjussuLAAO-II; 7.58, 7.94 and 8.37 CGU for BmooLAAO-I)

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