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Table 3 Variable values and meanings

From: Mathematical modelling of vector-borne diseases and insecticide resistance evolution

Variable Meaning Initial value Variable Meaning Initial value
S h Human susceptible population 9·103 S aa Recessive homozygote vector susceptible population 4.75·103
I h Human infected population 2·102 I aa Recessive homozygote vector infected population 4.75·103
R h Human recovered population 3·102 N aa Recessive homozygote vector total population 9.5·103
N h Human total population 9.5·103 S AA Dominant homozygote vector susceptible population 2.375·103
S Aa Heterozygote vector susceptible population 2.375·103 I AA Dominant homozygote vector infected population 2.375·103
I Aa Heterozygote vector infected population 2.375·103 N AA Dominant homozygote vector total population 4.75·103
N Aa Heterozygote vector total population 4.75·103 N v Vector total population 1.9·104
I v Infected vector population 3·104 f aa Frequency of recessive homozygotes \(\frac {N_{aa}}{N_{v}}\)
f Aa Frequency of heterozygotes \(\frac {N_{aa}}{N_{v}}\) f AA Frequency of dominant homozygotes \(\frac {N_{aa}}{N_{v}}\)
q Frequency of recessive allele Eq. 2 p Frequency of dominant allele Eq. 3