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Table 2 Protein identification of Sol g 4.1 from S. geminata venom

From: Identification, expression and characterization of the recombinant Sol g 4.1 protein from the venom of the tropical fire ant Solenopsis geminata

Spot Matched protein Accession no. Score XCa Theoretical MW/pIb Peptide sequencesc Sequence coverage (%) Species
Native band Venom allergen 4 gi|14423995 109 16,056/9.87 K.GVLELTVYGK.K
9 Solenopsis geminata
Purified single band Venom allergen Sol g 4.02 gi|7638030 368 16,066/9.87 K.GVLELTVYGK.K
25 Solenopsis geminata
  1. aScore XC obtained after LC-MS/MS analysis
  2. bTheoretical molecular weight (MW) obtained after the LC-MS/MS analysis. The pI values were calculated using the ExPASy Peptide Mass program (
  3. cDeduced peptide sequence obtained after LC-MS/MS (the number of matching peptides is indicated in parentheses)