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Discovering candidate molecules from animal toxins with potential application in biotechnology
Edited by Suely V. Sampaio, Eliane C. Arantes and Marco A. Sartim

Bioinformatics for understanding, predicting and engineering toxins​​​​​​​
Edited by Maria Elena de Lima and Liza Figueiredo Felicori Vilela

Novel hit and lead compounds against neglected protozoan diseases
Edited by Andre G. Tempone and Erika G. Pinto


Hyphenated mass spectrometry strategies as tools for unveiling peptide toxins with potential therapeutic application
Edited by Daniel Pimenta and Philippe Bulet


Highlights in Toxinology: Challenges and Progress
Edited by Benedito Barraviera and Maria Elena de Lima

Strategies for management of snakebites in Africa
Edited by Benedito Barraviera


Animal toxins: Exploring novel bioactive compounds from toads, snakes and scorpions
Edited by Benedito Barraviera

Highlights in arthropod venoms: Potential applications in medicine and biotechnology
Edited by Maria Elena de Lima, Yong-Hua Ji and Maria Stankiewicz